Mobile Meditation Center Opens Up in Austin

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Austinites love food trucks and meditation centers, so why not combine the two? Stacy Trash created the Peace Box, a mobile meditation center that can travel to different workplaces and parts of the city to bring various communities mindfulness workshops, group meditation, and a quiet space for people to reflect.

KXAN reports that Peace Box can offer participating businesses 30 minutes of meditation time for their employees who can then return to work with a renewed focus. “Meditation helps ground us in the moment,” explains Trash. Sitting on the comfy cushions on the floor of the mobile box and focusing on meditation can greatly reduce stress. The box itself fits eight people comfortably, but when parked at its 8th Street location, more room can be accommodated with an outdoor area.

Peace Box opened very recently in 2017, but Austinites are already keen on the concept and the execution. “Today was my first time experiencing meditation, and I just loved the session guided by Stacy. I will definitely go back,” Damaris Quintero-Lerdo wrote on their Facebook page. 

According to KXAN, “Classes at Peace Box usually run 30-45 minutes with an indoor/outdoor mix. The price for one guided meditation is $15, five-packs are $60, and 10-packs will cost $100.”