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Off-Duty Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy and His Wife Ambushed

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Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies continue to search for two suspects accused of attacking one of their own. On December 10th in Porter, Texas an unidentified Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy and his wife stopped at a convenience store to purchase ice for a hunting trip. While the deputy went inside the Summerhill Food Mart in the 24200 block of Sorter’s Road, his wife waited outside in their pickup truck.

When the deputy walked out of the store and around the back of his truck to put the ice in a cooler in the bed of his truck, two African-American males assaulted the off-duty deputy. According to police sources, video evidence shows that once the victim leaves the store, the suspect vehicle circles around and pulls up on the side street. Both suspects exit the vehicle and assault the subject as he’s putting ice in the bed of his truck.

Revolver firing a bullet

Photo: Wallpampers/Sheldon

The deputy’s wife fired at the men in an attempt to protect her husband. The off-duty deputy also managed to get his gun out and fire at the suspects. Multiple shell casings were found in the parking lot but it is unknown if the suspects or their vehicle were hit.

red 2001 Chevy Truck

Photo: craigslist/Steve Chapman Motors

The two suspects, along with a third who remained in the getaway vehicle throughout the attack, are described as black males. They drove away from the scene in an early 2000s model Chevy pickup truck, red in color, similar to the one pictured here.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Dept logo on shirt ambushed
Photo: Facebook/Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

The off-duty Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy, whose identity is still being withheld, was transported to a local hospital. He suffered broken teeth as well as other facial injuries. His wife escaped with no injuries.

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