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Moonlight Walks the Water: Breathtaking Beauty on a Texas Lake

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With the setting sun, a new world wraps the lake in a blanket of darkness, exercising the right of passage into an era of differences. Sounds are resurrected and held captive by heavy, stilled air. Moonlight walks the water, allowing trees to shadow the surface and present reflective light from rear fins of spawning perch. Ripples protest their direction of flow but still embrace the destination and die with distinction in the blackened shallows.

High winds stir birch branches that awaken sleepy, roosting birds. Distant splashes telegraph images of nocturnal beavers building patched homes, as they frolic in spring season fashion, and warm breezes announce the untimely, silent sounds from the tree line. Night birds hold their collective breaths in pause. Beavers along the shore sniff the air and await the appearance of the outlander. Recent rains have filled the lake with a deep-blue richness of texture. He moves quietly and drinks, with his yellow eyes watching from above the water’s surface. His ears are raised up high, as his claws squeeze the soft mud along his paws. The bobcat drinks and leaves as quickly as it approached.

Past silence is anointed with the sounds of crickets and frogs. Small fish dart in lively schools along the narrows. The noise of moving water is baptized by the darkness, but rises from the ebony confines and gently laps the shore, bringing pleasantries to the ear.

Moonlight Walks the Water: Breathtaking Beauty on a Texas Lake
Photo: Pixabay

Stars in elevated majesty provide a canopy of contentment over the entire setting. Noises can be heard, but direction cannot be identified. Within my being come the whispers low and soft, seducing my soul and helping to mark in memory things to be unfolded later in dreams and events to be cherished in my heart of time.

The most important things in life are the people who share life’s adventures with me. Beauty is not found in things created by hand or machine, but rather, those miracles that have waxed firm over the years and have made memory deposits in the mind of humankind. Those natural elements transcend the value of riches and pour out in abundance those small pleasures and occurrences that make life richer.