Move Over Georgia, Texas is the King of the Peach!

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If you can’t make it that weekend, not to worry. Stonewall and the surrounding region, including Fredericksburg and Gillespie County, is home to several wonderful orchards including Gold Orchards, Vogel Orchard, Jenschke Orchards, and Burg’s Corner Texas Hill Country Peaches. Check in with each regarding daily operations to make sure you hit them at the peak of picking time!

If going directly to the orchard is not your bag, just hit the road! The highway between Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg is dotted with those wonderful tents selling peaches and produce. While US 290 and US 281 are notorious for these ripe vendors, you can find sellers in virtually any city or farmers market in the hill country this time of year.

When to Go

Move Over Georgia, Texas is the King of the Peach!

As you might expect, some peach orchards (among other fruit picking operations) can get busy with eager buyers ready for fresh produce. Showing up early during picking hours can provide you better odds of getting the best of the bunch. Supply can sometimes run out even before picking hours are over, so be prepared for this if arriving later. You might also plan to call ahead, if making a drive, and check in to make sure the day’s supply hasn’t already been met. If so, consider waiting until the next day. There are also many wonderful picks that just need another day of sunlight to be just perfect for picking.

While we are sure our astute readership doesn’t need to be told, we’ll include this tip just in case. Each fruit has a specific growing season. While grocers ship produce from all over the world in-store, making it appear these options are always growing and available, this is not the case. Each region has growing seasons for various produce and summertime is peach season! Peach season in Texas is generally considered mid-May through the first week of August. Mark it on your calendar. You don’t want to miss it. And crops are good given all the rain we’ve had in Central Texas this year!