Myths and Facts About ‘Black Friday’

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Myth: Black Friday deals are better than any other deal throughout the year.

dealsPhoto: YouTube/BlackFriday 2015

Wrong. In fact, if you have taken a look at some of the deals in this year’s circular, you might have thought to yourself, “You call that a deal?” However, the savvy shopper knows that great deals can be found throughout the year, not just on Black Friday. states, “With sales starting earlier thanks to the Black Friday creep, there are more and more “filler” deals. The truly awesome bargains are there to give buyers a shopping high, and try to persuade them to buy more things — at a hefty markup.” Why not wait until after the rush and look for better deals that come up closer to Christmas?

Fact: There have been no “Cyber Monday” related deaths according to

Stay safe this year and shop from the comfort of your recliner. While there is no guarantee that you won’t trip over a child’s toy or be subject to a rogue cat darting between your feet, it’s still a heck of a lot safer than trying to bolt through the double doors of your favorite store with hundreds, if not thousands, of other frenzied shoppers.

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