Navy Bean Soup With Ham: Good Family Recipe to Cook and Sing About

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In the great chasm of fall time recipes that the internet can fling you into, one that you should definitely pluck out and squirrel away for a wonderful simmering meal is Navy Bean Soup With Ham. This recipe can go a long way towards filling up your crew, not to mention conjure up some great family memories in the process.

A simple recipe shared by Dear Crissy, its flavor will take you back to nights growing up at home when you came back from school to smell that pot of beans cooking on the stove. A delicious and simple comfort food, this three-ingredient meal-maker will have your family asking for seconds! And, perfect for dipping, the recipe poster pairs her dish with a hearty helping of cornbread. There aren’t too many Texas families that don’t have a good family recipe for that, but just in case, they also provide a great link on their site for the very same. These two, together, make for a tasty meal no doubt, and you’ll be glad you tried it!

Navy Bean Soup With Ham

Navy Bean Soup With Ham: Good Family Recipe to Cook…and Sing


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Dry Navy Beans




Dear Crissy’s website provides all the necessary ingredient amounts together with the process of putting your soup to simmer. This cost-effective, not to mention filling dinner, will keep your stomach full, your memories of home swirling through your head, and the wonderful smells of supper on the stove filling your kitchen. Your kids might sing a chorus of “Beans, Beans, the Wonderful Fruit,” but that’s all part of the fun of it, now isn’t it?