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New ‘70s: The Music We Grew Up With but With a Modern Twist

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Photo: Courtesy of Bobby E. Boyd

With over 40 years of songwriting under his belt, with 30 of those being a professional songwriter, Boyd has worked with such greats artists such as Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, Chris Cagle, Eric Church, Deryl Dodd, Linda Davis, Mark McGuinn, Martina McBride, Alabama, and many others. He also toured the UK twice with a group he was a part of called “Lore and The Legends.” Today, he is also the CEO of Return2Music Records, through which he is bringing the New ’70s style music into the forefront of the industry as a new genre of music he is hoping will trickle down to capture the attention of younger generations as well.

“The New ‘70s” is looking to bring to the forefront the music from an era that brought you timeless melodies from artists that ruled the airwaves and were racking up hits such as Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, Chicago, Jimmy Webb, Kris Kristofferson, Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan, George Martin, Quincy Jones, and David Foster, to name a few. “I’m a child of the ‘70s. Growing up as a teenager I was a part of the early ‘70s when the great singer/songwriters were all around like James Taylor, America, Bread, Seals and Crofts, Carol King, Elton John… and I just feel like over the last 40 years, we’ve lost that sense of melody and music that really touches you,” shared Boyd. “Over the last 10 or 15 years, I’ve been missing that and started allowing myself as a writer to go back to those places and write that kind of material even though it wasn’t current or what anybody was doing right now. I started working with some artists doing the same thing, and all of sudden, we have a whole catalog of songs and artists that can do that kind of material.”

New ‘70s: The Music We Grew Up With but With a Modern Twist

Photo: Courtesy of Bobby E. Boyd

To get a sample of the kind of music you can expect from “The New ‘70s,” all you have to do is go to the website to explore the music and artists currently on the radio player lineup. “If you hear it and you’re currently in the age group that remembers the ’70s and the ’80s, you instantly will connect with most of it,” exclaimed Boyd. “The name ‘The New ‘70s’ made the most sense to me. It is the great music we had, and it’s surprising how many artists and writers are out there that have whole catalogs of this kind of music. Turn on shows such as ‘American Idol,’ ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and ‘The Voice,’ and you will notice many of the songs sampled are from the ’70s,” shared Boyd. So, it only makes sense that sometimes looking back will lead you down the road to the next big hits and artists waiting in the wings to grab your hearts with songs reminiscent of yesteryear but with a modern twist.

You can expect music from various genres such as Pop, Rock, Country, and R&B, from up-and-coming artists such as Pamela McNeill, The Robertson Brothers, Daniel Mason Band, KATTL, Sam Mullins, Douglas Kittle, The Multi Tracks, and The Fluxu8ers. Each has their own unique sound and style, such as Blue Eyed Soul with a mix of Country, Pop, and R&B. Multifaceted singers and songwriting powerhouses are among the group of artists, which is only the tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come. “Just heart-strung melodies with great writers, that when you hear them, you’re instantly transported somewhere you were in your life 30 or 40 years ago that makes you feel or remember something,” shared Boyd. “If you want to know artists that are doing music that I consider New ‘70s today, you can listen to Michael Bublé, Five For Fighting, and phenomenal Indie artist from England named Rumer, that you will swear you’re listening to Karen Carpenter at times,” went on to share Boyd.

You can often catch Bobby E. Boyd playing at the famous Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville with a few of the artists that you can hear on the “New ‘70s” radio program. Keep up-to-date on the latest from Boyd and his new venture, classic music with a modern twist, by following him on his site and social media channels:

Originally published in the Fall Issue of Heart of Texas Magazine.


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