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New Military Training Program Begins at Camp Mabry

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On Saturday, August 13 at Camp Mabry in Austin, a new three-year military program began. Its purpose is to bring members of the Army Reserve and Army National Guard together to train. By training together, the soldiers will be better equipped to work alongside one another during life-or-death combat situations.

The historic change was marked with a new patch added to soldier’s uniforms to reflect their solidarity with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team located in Italy.

KXAN reports that, “With this patch, these soldiers, in the Army Reserves or National Guard have jobs in the civilian world but now accept the task of being active-duty qualified at all times…The goal of the program is to generate combat power so that the army can be globally responsive.”

The soldiers who received the opportunity of joining the program are pleased. KXAN quotes Sgt. Boone as saying, “It’s just an honor to really get that opportunity, it really is. And, being here in Texas and never expecting it to happen, it’s amazing.”

Next summer, the soldiers will travel to Europe for training. Afterward, each military member will be evaluated to see if they have what it takes to be officially certified as an active-duty soldier.