New Library in China Looks Like a Futuristic Paradise for Book Lovers

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The new public library in Tianjin Binhai, China will leave book lovers in absolute awe of its organically-shaped towering shelves and its central “eye.” According to famed design and architectural firm MVRDV (who worked alongside the Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute), “The building acts not only as an education centre but as a connector from the park into the cultural district. An oval opening punctured through the building is propped open by the Eye, a mirrored sphere with an auditorium, which takes the main stage within the atrium and enlarges the perceived space within.”

See the video and photos below to get an idea of what it would feel like to visit this futuristic library.

Of course, one of the first thoughts that come to many viewers’ minds when they see the design of the library is how can anyone grab a book on the impossibly high shelves? Are there jetpacks one must wear? Are there hidden staircases or robotic shelves? According to Dezeen, the answer is much simpler than the perceived design. The “books” seen high up are actually printed aluminum plates. Originally, MVRDV wanted there to be actual books up there that would be accessed through small rooms, but the planning and building process had to move so quickly that they weren’t able to realize this part of their vision (yet).