How Nostradamus Predicted Great Texas Barbecue

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Nostradamus had many prophecies that have been retold and expanded upon as time unfolds. But few know (and this is purely for entertainment purposes, folks) that he figured largely in Texas barbecue pop culture. Along with being the subject of many a book and film, as well as having his writings regularly studied (some even turned into urban legends which continue to circulate in the internet world), the little-known examples of his predictions concerning great Texas barbecue brought him into the limelight here in the Lone Star State. Without further ado, here are what we believe to be his predictions with respect to this wonderful passion and pastime of ours:

1. ‘For Seven Days the Great Star Will Burn…’

How Nostradamus Predicted Great Texas Barbecue. No, Not Really

Photo: Flickr/langleyo

This quote was taken from what others believe to be about World War III. Now, this might be a bit of a stretch, but “…great star…,” “…will burn…” – does this not say “The Lone Star State will be the home of great kings and queens of barbecue,” to you? How totally weird is that? It’s stunning how he could have predicted that all those years ago.

2. ‘…A Slight Flame Comes Out of the Emptiness…’

How Nostradamus Predicted Great Texas Barbecue. No, Not Really.

Photo: Pixabay

The full quote in the prophecy text from Nostradamus reads: “Sitting alone at night in secret study; it is placed on the brass tripod. A slight flame comes out of the emptiness and makes successful that which should not be believed in vain.” But, really, could this not refer to the emptiness that those mere mortals in other states feel as they gaze upon the superior skills of Texas pitmasters with awe? And couldn’t the “…slight flame…” refer to the ability we have to maintain low-level heat for effective smoking? How utterly amazing, isn’t it? And, there’s more! (We know your eyes haven’t quite done the full rotation back in your head just yet!)

3. ‘…For Long Will She be Without Salt…’

How Nostradamus Predicted Great Texas Barbecue. No, Not Really.

Photo: Public Domain Pictures

Clearly, this could be taken out of context. But, honestly, who needs the salt shaker when you’re eating great Texas barbecue? It’s almost blasphemy to cover that meat in anything additional (like steak sauce) when the juices, taste, and true barbecue flavor are truly enough?! Nostradamus sure hit the nail on the head that time! (No, not really. But, it was worth a try.)