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Oh Fudge Bakery of Kerrville Isn’t Afraid to Take ‘Whisks’

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Photos Courtesy of Courtney McKeown

Courtney McKeown, owner of Oh Fudge Bakery isn’t afraid to take “whisks” and has made quite the stir in Kerrville, Texas. The story of how Oh Fudge Bakery was created is just as sweet as the fudge she bakes!

Growing up, Courtney began making fudge as a child for her teachers. She loved baking and as her confidence grew, she began to dabble in the art of cooking fudge. Her grandmother handed down a very special fudge recipe. Courtney began baking using her grandmother’s recipe and still uses the secret recipe to this day.

Courtney’s fudge has been a big hit around holidays and would come in handy for occasions such as Valentine’s Day. This most recent Valentine’s Day, Courtney decided she was going to make fudge for her boyfriend’s family. Her boyfriend’s family loved it but Courtney ended up having fudge left over. So, Courtney decided she would sell the fudge on an online garage sale site. This is when Courtney’s life began to change unexpectedly. When the fudge flew off the shelves, so to speak, and she continued to stack up orders, she felt she was on to something big.

Courtney had felt her life was missing something. At this pivotal moment, her vision became clear. The fudge took the internet by storm, and now, here she is!

Courtney offers a plethora of decadent flavors. She has a variety of creative creations such as cookies and cream, cookie monster fudge, unicorn fudge, and so much more.

Courtney’s motto is “You name it, I will bake it!” Since she opened for business she has received critical acclaim throughout Kerrville. She is well-known at the local farmer’s market and several businesses have also requested to feature their fudge in their stores. More than her success, she is most happy that she feels more fulfilled than ever.

Courtney loves to brighten people’s day and help celebrate special occasions with families such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and the such. Her clients become like family to her and she touches the lives of everyone she meets. She is as sweet as the fudge she creates and Courtney humbly credits her success to her faith, her loving parents, her community, and her boyfriend, who gave her the confidence to pursue her dream and has continued to support her by helping to manage the business itself.

For more information about Courtney and her delicious offerings, please visit (and “Like”) her Facebook page or give her a call at (830) 777-3826.