Oktoberfest Recipes to Make at Home

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Oktoberfest is coming, and you don’t have to go to the nearest biergarten to celebrate. Typically, Oktoberfest lasts for 16 to 18 days, through the first weekend in October. Even if you miss the traditional time frame, many places in the Texas Hill Country have their own Oktoberfest celebrations during the month of October or you could celebrate at home. Make these Oktoberfest recipes to bring the tastes of the festival into your own kitchen.

Cheese Spatzle

Oktoberfest Recipes Cheese Spatzle

Photo: Pinterest/Plated Cravings

Oktoberfest recipes tend to come from Bavaria. This is true of this spatzle which tastes like a cross between egg noodles and dumplings. Thanks to the instructions from Plated Cravings, it only takes a few minutes to make this German take on macaroni and cheese. This dish makes a great bridge into those who have never tried German food before. With its familiar flavors, even kids will eat this up.

Sweet Mustard Potatoes, Cabbage, and Brats

Oktoberfest Recipes Sweet Mustard Potatoes, Cabbage, and Brats

Photo: Pinterest/Small Town Woman

What would Oktoberfest be without sausage? This simple dish combines potatoes, bratwurst, cabbage, and sweet mustard in an easy-to-make, flavorful main course. Small Town Woman, who developed this dish, suggests using two pans because this recipe makes enough for several hungry people. For meat and potatoes people, this dish really satisfies.

Grandma’s Easy Sauerkraut with Crispy Bacon

Oktoberfest recipes sauerkraut with bacon

Photo: Pinterest/The Seasoned Mom

Save time on your Oktoberfest recipes by opting for this flavorful shortcut dish from The Seasoned Mom. Though it comes from a Polish grandmother, sauerkraut appears as a side on many Bavarian tables. Optionally, sprinkle the top of this with caraway seeds for extra flavor and crunch.

German Onion Tart

Oktoberfest Recipes Savory German Onion Tart

Photo: Pinterest/Foodal

You can find onion tarts in both southern Germany and eastern France. And before you turn away from this dish for fear of its pungency, keep in mind the onions get sautéed. Cooking the onions softens both their texture and flavor. Crème fraiche further tempers the taste of the onions, so you have a finished tart with a savory, slightly sweet topping of onions. Foodal has all the tips you need to create this tasty appetizer or light meal.

Bavarian Lentil Soup

Bavarian Lentil Soup

Photo: Pinterest/The Wanderlust Kitchen

Rich and hearty, this warming soup will fill you up when the weather cools down. Nothing beats a hot bowl of soup on a chilly October night, which makes this Bavarian lentil soup from The Wanderlust Kitchen an ideal addition to an Oktoberfest feast.