Wine 101: Open a Bottle Without a Corkscrew [WATCH]

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You’ve just returned to your hotel after a full day of touring the Texas Hill Country. You’ve shopped the streets of Fredericksburg, soaked up some history at LBJ Ranch, wandered your way through a few wineries, and perused the Hye Market for locally produced specialty snacks.

Now all you can think about is settling down out on the balcony and taking in the sunset while your nosh on your nibbles and sip from a glass of tasty Texas terroir. But, drat! Try as you might, you cannot locate the one tool that is essential to quaffing a quality bevvy. Wine glasses stand at the ready near the ice bucket, but alas, no corkscrew. You look inside the ice bucket, nothing. You check the mini-fridge, nada. You even look under the bed, but come up empty-handed.

Lucky for you, you regularly logon to the Texas Hill Country Facebook page, and you have the knowledge to solve this perplexing problem. Don’t be left crying crocodile tears into your empty wine glass. Check out the video below by Mirabeau en Provence so that you may never be a victim of the frightening scenario described above.

Video by Mirabeau en Provence, 2014.