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Don’t Park Under an Overpass in a Hail Storm, You’re Creating a Deathtrap

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This is not a hypothetical situation, it happens frequently.

Parking under an overpass during a storm is an incredibly selfish thing to do. It causes traffic jams and accidents. It also blocks first responders trying to get to scenes which require their attention. Those parked beneath an overpass during a storm are basically saying that their vehicle is more important than other’s lives.

Furthermore, there could be something even worse behind all of that hail. The region of supercell thunderstorms which produce tornadoes tend to follow behind the heaviest precipitation, so although it may appear the storm is subsiding, the worst is yet to come. If a tornado is bearing down on a traffic jam, then everyone is at risk, including those who have selfishly blocked the interstate.

The best course of action when dealing with a hail storm is to pull over, preferably before you drive into the precipitation. Take shelter in a sturdy building. Driving your vehicle at an appreciable speed will increase the force of the hail impact. Storms during daylight with large amounts of hail may have a greenish glow and hail shafts will appear much whiter than the surrounding rain.

Your actions during severe weather can make the difference between life and death for you and those around you. Vehicles can be replaced, people’s lives can not.

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