Pat Green – A Master of Music Who’s Unapologetically Texan

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Hailing from the Texas Hill Country, Pat Green has been actively pursuing a country music career since 1995. With several studio albums on top of his independent work, he has amassed a large Lone Star State following as well as made a name on the national scene. His highest chart-climber to date has been “Wave on Wave,” which peaked at number three, from the album of the same name, certified gold. His music has launched him to the heights of Texas streaming, but his current touring schedule suggests a continual effort to fully arrive. There’s something more to Pat Green, the artist.

Green has never simply plucked low-hanging fruit from the music tree. Amid creating cohesive statement songs, he’s managed to also stay in the Texas entertainment and business conversation, keeping consistently relevant on both fronts. He’s testing to find out what works at any given moment. His foray into co-ownership of The Rustic, a popular live music venue with locations in Dallas and San Antonio, has proven he knows how to get at the heart and soul of his listeners—their wants, needs, and interests. Although some of his music has become cherished hits, other songs showcase his essential mode: unapologetically Texan.

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Releasing his single “’Til the Last Whistle Blows” on January 31 of this year (from the album entitled “The Last Whistle,”) Green reminded his fans that to first get in on the Texas music game, you don’t necessarily need to design a contrarian take on the mainstream. Among his scores of fans, he has since become known as a master. He pays real-time homage to his mentors, past and present, as well as his Texas music scene friends, not to mention his family. His current touring schedule sees him playing in Odessa on August 16, 2019, followed by a gig at the Whitewater Amphitheater in the Texas Hill Country. After that, he appears at the North Texas Fair and Rodeo in Denton, then hits Iowa and Colorado before coming back to Texas for some unique shows (including a Texas country music cruise out of Galveston!). For more information on Green’s music, his tour dates, and where you can get tickets, check out his official website at the link available here.