Watch Patsy Cline’s Glorious Rendition of ‘Crazy’

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The Texas icon Willie Nelson would one day ensure that his song “Crazy” made its way to the ears of audiences worldwide, only after it was recorded in 1962 by fellow country music superstar Patsy Cline.

At the time, Saint Willie was stomping around Nashville’s Music Row as a relative unknown along with friends Kris Kristofferson and Roger Miller. But Cline was already a star. Her version of his ballad climbed to number two on the charts that year, when she picked it as the song she’d use to follow her previous country music masterpiece, “I Fall to Pieces.”

In the glorious video preserved on YouTube, Cline sways back and forth on a stage set up to look like a hunter’s living room, belting out with confidence the song’s lyrics line by line:

Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely / I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue / I knew you’d love me as long as you wanted

And if that doesn’t hit you right in the feels, we don’t know what will. You’re just flat out not human.

Watch as Patsy Cline sings “Crazy” live for television audiences in 1962: