People from Amarillo Try to Guess Slang from Other States

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While Texans always pride themselves on having their own unique phrases that out-of-towners just don’t understand, the tables turn in this video where people from Amarillo try and guess what slang terms mean from other states.

The group at Townsquare Media in Amarillo, Texas decided to undertake a fun challenge in the office by asking employees what certain slang terms from other states might mean. Of the eight terms, they didn’t get a single one right, but the ensuing video is awfully funny to watch.

The people running the survey used a wide variety of terms, too, which is always fun to see. From Idaho’s “whistle pig” to Connecticut’s “glawackus”, these guys and gals were stumped! But ask yourself honestly, do you know what “pogonip” means in Nevada? Yeah, us either.

The best term was probably “cackalacky”, and its meaning from North Carolina is something you would never guess in a million years. The same goes for “graupul” in Montana, “tump” in Arkansas, “nabs” in Mississippi, and “grabowski” in Illinois.

Think you can guess all of those terms correctly? Check yourself against this funny video, and don’t feel too bad if you’re not as successful as you had hoped you would be.