The Pickup Truck: America’s Vehicle

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Living in a small farming community at the base of the Hill Country, trucks are the heart and soul of our little town. Out here the truck is what a horse used to be, with a few extra bells and whistles. A truck goes beyond a weekend toy for these folks, it’s their life. Everything they do is tied to a truck and in many cases, it shows. The dirt, dents and scars tell a story of a vehicle that has more importance than just getting from point “A” to point “B.” That is what a truck represents no matter where its rubber meets the road. The heart of hard work, rough hands, and long days stretching into quiet nights.

In 2013, Dodge secretly planned a Super Bowl ad for their Ram truck highlighting this idea to its core. The commercial was based on a speech given by iconic radio broadcaster Paul Harvey entitled “So God made a farmer.”  It became one of their most popular commercials and to this day resonates with most Americans of what a truck really represents. The commercial was so popular Dodge teamed up with National Geographic to create a photo book, “The Farmer in All of Us” with over 1,000 pictures taken of farmers and ranchers across the country. Take a look at the commercial,  it highlights several Hill Country farmers and ranchers.

Even though there are trucks that never see a day of “work” in their lives, it’s the idea that makes it so appealing. When talking to my wife about this article she said, “most of the people I knew with trucks never used them for ‘truck’ stuff, but they bought them because they looked cool and they thought one day they would probably have a use for it.” As she recalls, in college people with trucks became everyone’s best friends because at moving time, they were the only ones capable of getting anything moved.