Watch These Cute Piglets and Their Mom Run (and Jump) Free

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Who knew pigs could zoom around with such speed? These six small piglets have a new lease on life after they were rescued before being taken to a slaughterhouse. The babies, along with their mom named Hope Apple Blossom, were relocated to a sanctuary where they could run free outdoors for the first time. In the video uploaded by Viva UK, the piglets can be seen rushing around unable to contain their excitement, while Hope Apple Blossom even jumped for joy!

The adorable video has reached over 517,000 views with hundreds of comments from people who have never seen such a happy group of pigs. “Omg, watching this just made my day, seriously. Love seeing some saved and happy, with full lives ahead!!” Lisa DC wrote.

The release of the pigs into a farm where they can roam free was set up by Viva!, a foundation in Bristol, England that promotes animal welfare, and the Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary, a charity in the United Kingdom. According to their website, the Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary isn’t open to the public, but they share stories, photos, and videos online of their animals who have all been given a second chance at life.