Kolache Recipes to Pin for a Homemade Taste of the Texas Hill Country

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Though a trip to a kolache bakery is a rite of passage for Texans, sometimes, you may find yourself unable to get out. Or perhaps, you want to make your own kolaches at home. Either way, try these tasty, pinnable kolache recipes to save for a homemade taste of the Texas Hill Country.

1. Cream Cheese Kolache

Kolache Recipes Cream Cheese Kolaches

Photo: Pinterest/Marye @ Restless Chipotle

For the most authentic kolaches, stay away from sausage. These cream cheese kolaches from Restless Chipotle use a dough recipe from an ancient cookbook, filled with genuine Czech dishes. For a Texas Hill Country morning that’s as good as if you stopped in West for freshly baked kolaches, try these cream cheese pastries for breakfast.

2. Blueberry Kolaches

Spicy Southern Kitchen's Blueberry Kolaches

Photo: Pinterest/Spicy Southern Kitchen| Christin Mahrlig

Traditional kolache recipes include a variety of fruit fillings. Blueberries, though native to the United States, still make a tasty filling, if not something you’d find in Europe. Try these sweet and creamy blueberry kolaches from Spicy Southern Kitchen, especially if you love these berries. Ideally, fresh berries work best in this recipe, so make them whenever you find blueberries in season, typically in the summer months.

3. Breakfast Kolaches

Kolache Recipes Breakfast Kolaches

Photo: Pinterest/

Of course, most people eat kolaches for breakfast, but this recipe from Eat Cake for Dinner fits a full egg breakfast inside kolache dough. Though not an authentic kolache, this grab-and-go breakfast pastry still tastes delicious and should make a regular appearance in your morning routine.

4. Fruit Kolaches

Assorted Fruit Kolaches

Photo: Pinterest/

Traditional fruit-filled kolaches don’t have to include fresh fruit. Try this recipe from Tori Avey that includes a variety of fillings, including one with dried apricots and one with poppy seeds. Pick your favorite filling, or try them all to find which kolache satisfies you most.

5. Peaches and Cream Kolaches

Peaches and Cream Kolaches

Photo: Pinterest/

When you use Texas peaches in kolaches, you marry the best of the Hill Country. This is what Juanita’s Cocina did with this recipe for peaches and cream kolaches. If you cannot get fresh Texas peaches, frozen will work in a pinch, and this recipe will still taste just as good.

6. Apricot Kolaches

Apricot Kolaches and Others from Yesterfood

Photo: Pinterest/Yesterfood (Joy McElroy)

Apricots make an ideal filling for kolache recipes in the winter. You can get dried apricots all year long, and in their dried state, the fruit has more flavor than when fresh. These apricot kolaches from Yesterfood use this convenient fruit for a recipe you can make all year long.