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Woman Plans to Sue Blue Bell Creameries Over Listeria Claims

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For the past two years, Blue Bell has experienced issues due to finding Listeria monocytogenes bacterium in containers of their ice cream. Dallas News writes that it was previously reported that ten people became very ill, and three tragically passed away due to complications of the illness.

Now, Ursula Burton from Galveston County is suing Blue Bell Creameries, saying she and her daughter contracted listeria from Blue Bell ice cream bought at Valero during the 2015 scare. Chron.com quotes her claim, explaining that on the day they purchased the ice cream, the pair “became violently ill and started to vomit.”

Burton says she was diagnosed with listeriosis and developed lactose intolerance from the incident. In the suit, Burton is asking for $200K – $1 million in damages for lost wages, medical bills and the distress of being sick.

Blue Bell shut down their factory when the April 2015 listeria outbreak occurred, but even after recalling all of their products and reassessing the issue, they had to recall more product lines afterward for possible exposure to Listeria monocytogenes.

The Mayo Clinic writes, “Most listeria infections are so mild they may go unnoticed. However, in some cases, a listeria infection can lead to life-threatening complications.” Those who are pregnant or have weakened immune systems are at the highest risk.