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The ‘Saran Wrap Game’ That’s Sweeping the Nation

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If your family is looking for a new fun-filled way to pass the time away at your annual Christmas gathering, then AwesomeJelly has the game for you! Frugal, fun and easy to do, the “Saran Wrap Game”, as it’s called, entails battling through layer upon layer of plastic wrap to get to the good stuff-candy!

First things first, invest in a roll of Saran Wrap or similar plastic wrap and goodies as prizes. These can vary, such as small toys, cash, and candy, and the suggestion from the game-maker is to place small candy bars or packages of gum in the outer layers and closer to the center, items such as small hand sanitizers and lip balm. The most valuable prize, of course, is reserved for the middle – i.e. an ornament or a gift card. And the final piece for the game is a pair of dice. Watch here for game prep and detailed instructions:

To begin, the first player with the ball starts unwrapping it as the next player rolls the dice. Until they roll doubles, the ball stays with the first player. As soon as doubles are rolled, the dice get passed and the ball goes to the one that rolled doubles. Of course, while you have the ball, you unwrap as much of the Saran or plastic wrap as possible and thereby keeping the goodies you come across in the process, and the last person holding the ball gets to keep the final prize.

If you would like to make the game even harder, AwesomeJelly suggests blindfolding the person who does the unwrapping, or making all players wear gloves or mitts to do the unwrapping! Game master level “mean”: use Press and Seal wrap!