Watch: Police Officer Responds to Noise Complaint, Rides Mechanical Bull

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Tony Maples Photography


A Kilgore Police Officer responding to a noise complaint ended up turning what could have been a bad moment into a very memorable one. Party-goers at the East Texas gathering for which the complaint was made witnessed something they never thought they’d see—law enforcement taking the mechanical bull by the horns… literally.

The house party generated a call to local authorities over excessive noise, which resulted in a police response. When they arrived at the house to address the loud music, an officer spied a mechanical bull in the backyard. After telling the group to keep it down, one of the Kilgore officers unexpectedly proceeded to climb on the bull and go for a ride.

Video: Facebook/Kilgore Police Department

“We did ask them to turn their music down some, but we found out Karla was celebrating her 22nd birthday,” the Kilgore Police Department shared on their Facebook page with their own video clip. “It wouldn’t be a memorable birthday celebration without KPD showing our bull riding skills.” The name of the Kilgore police officer who took the impromptu ride hasn’t been released, but it’s apparent he had skills. With his right hand up and left on the saddle, he effortlessly rode the bull for roughly 30 seconds. After falling off, the crowd cheered, and gave high fives all around. In an effort to diffuse a situation, these Texas boys did their best. It’s not every day you’ll see an officer having such good-natured fun—they are only human underneath that tough exterior, after all.

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