Fort Worth Police Officer Walks Again Thanks to New Technology

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In 2003, Fort Worth Police Officer Lisa Ramsey was shot while on duty. After the incident, she was unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. Now, after 14 years, she’s taken steps forward (literally and figuratively) by using a new set of technology called the Re-walk Rehabilitation System.

“They were the first actual steps I’ve taken in 14 years…Lord willing I’ll stay in good shape, and if it doesn’t take too many years, the possibilities are endless with this kind of technology,” Ramsey told Fox 4 News.

The Re-walk Rehabilitation System is a robotic exoskeleton that helps those who are paralyzed to begin working unused muscles and walk while wearing the device and using crutches. It’s meant to be used as an ongoing system, starting out with heavier machinery and slowly acclimating to taking control of one’s balance and limbs.

Some patients, like Ramsey, will always need supervision while using the equipment. says that customization is key for their products. “The graphical user interface allows therapists to enter a broad range of parameters for an individual and change them as they progress in their training,” they write.

While the technology isn’t an overnight cure, it’s certainly a step in the right direction for Officer Lisa Ramsey.