Popeyes Does First 12-Hour Texas Drive-Thru for Pickup in Louisiana

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Designed to pay homage to their 12-hour marinating, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has announced the world’s first 12-hour drive-thru. Clever marketing gimmick, or cutthroat business strategy… you be the judge! Either way, if you’re driving through Fort Stockton, Texas, you might want to get in on the chicken action!

Releasing the news on October 23, the 45-year-old restaurant chain has done some next-level marketing. With this gimmick, customers will place their order in west Texas and pick up their chicken at the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen flagship store located on Canal Street in New Orleans – approximately a 12-hour drive away. In the meantime, a standalone menu board together with an order speaker for this very purpose has been set up along I-10, just outside of Fort Stockton. That’s a long way to go to get your chicken, but the company says it’s worth it. “We wanted a fun way to celebrate that we have always marinated our chicken for at least 12 hours. We don’t take shortcuts and this drive-thru emphasizes that,” Hope Diaz, the company’s chief marketing officer told Not only that, but anyone who places an order at the Fort Stockton menu board will get their food free of charge!

Popeyes Does First 12-Hour Texas Drive-Thru for Pickup in Louisiana

Photo: Facebook/Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen won’t be taking orders at the Fort Stockton drive-thru until 12 p.m. on November 9, even though the menu board and order speaker are set up. The 12-hour drive-thru will then take orders for only 24 hours, and those who are planning to be a part of the west-Texas-to-Louisiana chicken trek can enter to win a year’s worth of free chicken by signing up in advance.