Popular Texas Hill Country Books & Authors to Delight Every Reader

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Lacy Blair is in big trouble! As a speechwriter for the Texas lieutenant governor, she inadvertently blunders onto a high-level crime involving state funds. And guess who the culprit is? Her boss! Snooping is too risky. She covertly consults with an FBI agent. This guy agrees to investigate. Uh-oh, someone killed the FBI agent, and now Lacy is aware that someone is watching her. She’s terrified for her own safety but eager for justice. She must flee until she forms a plan. Where can she go? Who to trust? Can she count on her former lover, Mike Talamino? Will he help her? Can she jeopardize him, too? This book has 199 pages and an Amazon rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Perhaps you prefer humor. Here’s one for you.

“Sarah and the Cowboy’s Lady” by Gay N. Lewis

Genre: Christian/Romance/Fantasy

Popular Texas Hill Country Books & Authors to Delight Every Reader

Photo courtesy of Gay N. Lewis

Sarah, the haphazard, dyslexic angel, returns to Texas. Her mission this time is to bring comfort to a young woman who received devastating news.  Sarah, an angel who can assume mortal masquerades, disguises herself as an elderly lady. She “accidentally” meets Emily in Dallas and together they travel the backroads from Dallas to Austin. The car breaks down in the dead of night, and they are stranded. Enter the hunky, rich, Texas cowboy. Due to the freaky Christmas blizzard, the ladies have no hotel or place to go. The cowboy offers his Hill Country ranch and invites them to his home. In this episode, Sarah gets the job done, but not without plenty of mishaps that make the humans laugh as she bumbles her way through the Texas Hill Country.  “Sarah and the Cowboy’s Lady” has 137 pages and 4.9 out of a 5-star rating.

If you can’t get to the Texas Hill Country anytime soon, read a book featuring a setting in the Hill Country. These authors make you remember why you love the region so much.