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Petition to Rename Dripping Springs ‘Pound Town’ was a Fundraiser Stunt

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A GoFundMe page that was recently established Daniel McCarthy with the goal of renaming Dripping Springs, Texas, “Pound Town.” Some said the fundraiser stemmed from pure genius, because not only did it meet a dollar goal, but it also generated a lot of talk in the Texas Hill Country. It became apparent that the proposed renaming, considering its modern-day slang (look it up on Urban Dictionary, if you must), garnered a lot of attention – both good and bad. Ultimately, word traveled fast, and the campaign made it perfectly clear that it was in no way officially affiliated with the Friends of the Pound House Foundation or the Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead

The Austin American-Statesman, as well as NBC News4SA, picked up the story. They gave the drive unlikely coverage, considering the nature of the subject. The former reported that “some Dripping Springs residents would rather call home ‘Pound Town,’ after one of the city’s earliest residents Dr. Joseph M. Pound.” The GoFundMe page for the “Pound Town” project had originally set a goal of $1,854. It said that donations would be “used to fund a fun campaign that may or may not result in a ballot initiative, and at the very least we’ll donate a good portion of the proceeds to Friends of the Pound House for upkeep and education at the historic homestead.” The news source, however, did reach out to McCarthy, asking about the seriousness of the campaign. He replied that those involved were “serious about history” and said furthermore, “As much as we like BBQ and carnival rides we also think that most people have lost sight of the true meaning of Founder’s Day. For that reason we’re hoping to honor the memory of Dr. Joseph Pound every day of the year by renaming the city.”

Petition to Rename Dripping Springs ‘Pound Town’ was a Fundraiser Stunt

Photo: Facebook/Vote for Pound Town – Renaming Dripping Springs for its original founder

As odd as the whole prospect sounds, many campaign commenters had nothing but a good sense of humor about the matter. Others, as you can imagine, weren’t so easy-going about the subject matter, voicing concerns from their keyboards. McCarthy said that “for a bunch of churchgoing people they seem to have some dirty minds.” He did also explain that the group had, in fact, written to the City of Dripping Springs Secretary in order to inquire about a possible ballot process. The initiative has a Facebook page, which also features merchandising – all of which has been noted as not being affiliated with Friends of the Pound House Foundation or the Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead.

UPDATE: the Vote for Pound Town team recently reached out us and informed us that they raised a total of $2,279 on the Gofundme page from generous donations. “We were able to donate 100% of it to the Friends of the Pound House Foundation!” Micah Archer said. “We are currently searching for a new organization to donate to with ongoing projects and hope to have that finalized soon!”