Video Prank: Divers Fake an Alligator Attack on People Tubing

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Tony Maples Photography


In a recent Facebook video by D ALL MY D, an underwater prank was pulled on unsuspected tubers at Ginnie Springs in Florida. The page, run by Jake – a “Treasure Hunter, Scuba Diver and YouTuber” – has since had more than 107K views of the video and over 8K comments.

Going underwater at the springs while tubers took their time relaxing above, the YouTuber and popular social media poster spent time with his counterparts grabbing at legs with special gloves, making those above the water level feel like they were being touched by a possible alligator. Had this been in Texas, where tubing has become a state sport (of sorts) the likelihood that the reaction would be the same is high.

Photo: Facebook/D All My D

Ginnie Springs is located in Gilchrist County in Florida. It’s a privately owned locale which has become popular for swimming and tubing, where the water is clear and cool with a limestone and sand bottom. There are also underwater accessible caverns. When scuba diving became hugely popular in the mid-’90s, the springs were opened to the public. However, due to a growing number of scuba diver deaths, an iron grate was placed over the more dangerous parts of the underwater cave access. Similar to the issues which have happened over time at Jacob’s Well in the Texas Hill Country, the owners also placed warning signs for divers. Over the years, Ginnie Springs has taken off as a nationally recognized diving spot. In addition to diving, those who visit the springs can swim, kayak, canoe, snorkel, stand up paddleboard, and go tubing on the Sante Fe River.

Having pulled this underwater prank on those swimming and tubing in Ginnie Springs, those behind the D ALL MY D Facebook page got the types of reactions they were hoping for. Panic, fear, and anxiety resulted in those swimming frantically away or those above the surface who were tubing. After having revealed themselves to the crowd above, the divers were greeted with cheers by those who recognized them. Had this happened to them prior to seeing that they were below the surface, it’s highly likely the tubers and swimmers would have panicked just as much had the thought of a real alligator crossed their minds. Watch the full video to see their reactions!