Watch: Preparing Sausage Gravy With the BBQ Pit Boys

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With over 1.5 million views, the recipe for sausage gravy shared on the BBQ Pit Boys YouTube channel is one for the record…’er, recipe books. Something you would typically see smothering the top of a great chicken fried steak here in Texas, this sausage gravy is also good for biscuits, over mashed potatoes, and coating almost anything you can think of. If you’re unsure that a side of mac and cheese or any vegetable you wouldn’t normally touch can’t be made just a little bit better with this delicious concoction, you haven’t had good sausage gravy before!

Their website identifies the BBQ Pit Boys as a top-rated YouTube show and the biggest barbecue community in the world. Forbes has also identified their channel as one that can make you a better cook. If you learn anything in a YouTube tutorial, wouldn’t making the best sausage gravy be something worth bragging about?

Video: YouTube/BBQ Bit Boys

The comments from viewers of this video are just as rich as the sausage gravy recipe itself! “I gained weight just by watching this video,” said one. “I’m 2 days into a juice fast. This was the wrong video to watch right now. lol,” posted another. But not only can you watch the video tutorial for how to cook this gravy that seems like a gift from God, you can also visit the channel’s website to print a version yourself for use at home. Having this over top of a simple piece of toast alone would make a great comfort food meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! The BBQ Pit Boys have you covered with “…750+ instructional recipes…” and “…the techniques for cooking up some classic barbecue…” along with tips on the proper tools needed, the correct cuts of meat you can use for the grill/smoker, and how to be a “Pitmaster.” If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to prepare sausage gravy at home, this video is one you’ll want to watch intently. If you’re into improving your barbecue game, the BBQ Pit Boys is a YouTube channel from which you might learn some tricks of the trade.