Prime Rib Made Easy, Thanks to Beef Loving Texans

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Of course, all carnivores know prime rib is delicious. It has a feel of decadence which is perfect for the holiday season, especially this year, when everyone has permission to treat themselves! If you have been intimidated by prime rib in the past, fear no more because the official Chief Recipe Officer for Beef Loving Texans, Eddie Jackson, has developed an easy smoked prime rib recipe that will wow all who taste it! This is the perfect opportunity to support your local butcher and meat market; they will be able to guide your purchase for the best cut.

Here’s the secret: Jackson’s recipe includes a unique paste which gives this delicious cut of meat its flavor, and acts as an insulator to seal in the juices while in the smoker. The paste is comprised of butter, stone ground mustard, garlic, and horseradish, plus dried herbs and paprika topped with Worcestershire sauce. Consider it a super thick marinade! Together, these ingredients perfectly compliment the prime rib by adding depth to the taste and forming a hearty crust.

Prime Rib Made Easy, Thanks to Beef Loving Texans

Photo: Beef Loving Texans

After paste application and a period of refrigeration, the smoker takes over the cooking and does all the work. Time of cooking depends on the size of the prime rib. In order to maintain consistent heat, no peeking is allowed. After removal from the smoker, let the meat rest, then serve to a gathered crowd of ooos and ahhs. This recipe is for 12 servings and truly has it all: delicious meat, simple but impactful style, and the opportunity to play with your food! Eddie Jackson has perfected this recipe to free up your time with family and friends this season. Another amazing recipe from the Chief Recipe Officer for Beef Loving Texans!

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