5K Piece Puzzle Has Every Color on the CMYK Spectrum

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Clemens Habicht Colour Puzzles have found a broad audience thanks to sites like Bored Panda featuring their incredible puzzles that encompass the whole CMYK spectrum (a four-color model in which C stands for cyan, M for magenta, Y for yellow, and K for key or black). While working the jigsaw, participants must pay close attention to the slight change in color and the shape of the puzzle piece itself to fit its place among the span of colors.

On their website, Clemens Habicht explains, “The idea came from enjoying the subtle differences in the blue of a sky in a particularly brutal jigsaw puzzle, I found that without the presence of image detail to help locate a piece I was relying only on an intuitive sense of colour, and this was much more satisfying to do than the areas with image details.”

The first edition of the 5000 Colours puzzle has already sold out, so they’re working on a new edition which will be a “different size and a feature a new ribbon die line.”

If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of the CMYK spectrum puzzles, the 1000 Colours and 100 Colours (for kids) are available to purchase now, but the 5000 piece set is only available as a presale. The company plans on shipping the new edition of 5000 Colours in March, but they’ll all set you back a bit in price since the puzzles ship from Australia. The 5000 piece puzzle will cost those outside of Australia or New Zealand $200 AUD, which is about $150 USD. Place orders for the puzzle here.