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Rabies Found in Meadowlakes: Homeowners/Pet Owners Advised To Be Cautious

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Rabies is spread when an animal infected with the disease bites or even scratches another animal or human. Their saliva can also transmit the disease if it comes into contact with the mouth, eyes, or nose. Throughout the world, it’s most common for dogs to be infected. Over 99 percent of rabies cases in countries where dogs are more commonly known to have the disease were caused by dog bites. In North America, less than five percent of cases are caused by dogs and, instead, bites from bats are the most common source of the infection in humans. Oddly, rodents have been only very rarely known to be infected with rabies. The number of rabies cases confirmed in Texas by both county and year is provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services online at the link provided here, also broken down by month reported. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding rabies, please contact the department at (254) 778-6744.

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