Realistic New Year’s Resolutions We Can All Achieve in the Coming Months

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It’s a brand new year with nothing but blank pages waiting for 365 days of adventures, memories, and realistic resolutions to add to your canvas of life ahead.

New year, new me, and with that said new resolutions most of us have to admit faltering after only a few weeks, if not days into the January. Why not make 2018 the year of setting some realistic resolutions to follow the whole year through. Below are a few goals to set in place for yourself that are actually good for a healthier lifestyle, and a healthier you all around.

1. Eat Healthier



Why not start the year off right and fill your plate with colorful, healthy foods that help keep your numbers in check. There’s no better time for a checkup to make sure your good and bad cholesterol are okay, and if they happen to be a bit high, but don’t require medication, a low cholesterol diet can help that. It’s also good to check for any signs of pre-diabetes or diabetes to make adjustments to your diet.

Adding healthier food options such as probiotics from yogurt can make all the difference. Make a resolution to cut back on guilty pleasures such as sweets and red meats to maybe once a month as a treat, and fit in more vegetables and fish to your daily diet. You can’t go wrong with making a goal to drink more water and fewer fruit juices, either.

2. Get Your Beauty Rest


Who doesn’t want their beauty rest? But let’s face it, who gets eight hours of sleep these days? Gone are the days of recess and naps, but it doesn’t mean you can’t strive to give yourself a break once in a while and take a quick snooze in the afternoon to reenergize if you can.

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