Delicious Recipes to Make the Utmost of a Roasted Marshmallow

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When you think of spring and summer nights in Texas, you think of sitting around a campfire with friends or the kids, roasting marshmallows to perfection. You either like them nicely browned (in which case you’ll use the coals to help you out), or you prefer a little charred. Either way, there doesn’t seem to be anything out there that tops a roasted marshmallow as the ultimate camping or just plain summertime treat… unless you’re looking to multitask.

Cornering the market as far as campfire confections go, most people would generally think of the s’more as the only unique or creative way to eat a roasted marshmallow, but there are plenty of ways to do so if you quickly look to the wonderful world-wide web. A quick online search will produce the ideas to take your campfire cookout to the next level. Here are just three recipes that can get you planning ahead and prepping for a melt-in-your-mouth flavor sensation.

1. Roll Them in Caramel or Chocolate Sauce and Toppings

Recipes That Help You Make the Utmost of a Roasted Marshmallow

Photo: Facebook/Cooking Light

There are easy-to-make caramel recipes found online. However, when you’re at a campsite, you might not necessarily take the time or have the proper place/tools to do so. It’s just as quick and easy to purchase the chocolate and caramel sauces that you normally would for ice cream toppings and take them along on your camping trip. Once there, set the sauces out, prepare a few items for rolling your marshmallows in (like crushed cookies, pretzels, or bacon even!), and roast away. Once your roasted marshmallow is good to go, roll it in either the caramel or chocolate sauce (or both, for that matter!) and then dip it into the toppings!

2. As a Topping for a Reese Cup

Recipes That Help You Make the Utmost of a Roasted Marshmallow

Photo: Facebook/Tony Fed Fitness

Although traditional s’mores makers would probably fall off their chairs at the thought of varying in the least from the recipe for this true campfire taste sensation, there’s always an easier way to do something… and we generally find it! The concept of simply topping a delicious Reese Cup with a roasted marshmallow is one of pure genius. The cup is already the perfectly-shaped vessel for the purpose of holding a roasted marshmallow on its top, and the golden goodness of the peanut butter inside is a great complement to this gooey creation. You get the best of both worlds with this setup!

3. Roasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Recipes That Help You Make the Utmost of a Roasted Marshmallow

Photo: Facebook/Happies

For a fun and interesting way to have your shot and eat it too (get it? Have your cake and eat it too…it’s funny because you literally eat the shot glass…no?), roast your marshmallow and then prep it to serve some Bailey’s around the campfire! Without the benefit of the internet, how would we have survived? Who knew a marshmallow could be the perfect vessel for such liquid goodness? You’ll find all you need to make this masterpiece at the link provided here.