Reckless Kelly Keeps Texas Music Mainstay Status With ‘Bulletproof Live’

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With the release of “Bulletproof Live” on June 21, 2019, one of the pillars of the Texas country music scene has not only echoed their breakthrough but solidified their raison dêtre. Reckless Kelly celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their breakthrough album, “Bulletproof,” with the new track-by-track live recording this spring.

As a recreation of the original, “Bulletproof Live” was recorded over the course of the Reckless Kelly 2018 West Coast tour. Celebrating a decade since the original release of “Bulletproof,” the familiar harmonies of Cody and Willy Braun together with the rest of the group make it completely clear as to why this band became the mainstays they have in the rich Texas country music scene.

Video: YouTube/Reckless Kelly-Topic

The title track from their re-release, “Bulletproof (Live)” was shared on YouTube in June of this year as part of the new project. The country-rock sound Reckless Kelly has become known for comes through loud and clear in this entry from the original Yep Roc album that made Billboard Heatseekers chart at number two. “Live music is best served on the brink of disaster,” Cody Braun said in a press statement. “Sure, there are a few sharp notes and a clunker or two here and there, but that’s what happens in a live setting and what we have here – just six guys that have been playing music together for a long time, a hell of a good road crew and some truly great crowds.”

With tour dates scheduled through the course of the summer and into the fall, Reckless Kelly continues to prove why they’re stalwart Texas music frontmen in an industry ripe with talent. On this re-release, of sorts, Braun told, “It was really fun revisiting some of these tunes. Many have been in the rotation since the record came out, but there were a few I had forgotten about. I think most musicians will tell you that it’s damn near torture to listen to a recording of yourself playing live, and it is. Having said that, it is fun to hear the band in this raw form, and I am happy I only hit a few jazz chords.” For more details on the latest news for Reckless Kelly, including upcoming releases and tour dates, visit their official website at the link available here.