Retiring? 6 Reasons Kerrville is the Place to Be

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Most of us look forward to those days of sleeping late and getting out of the rat race. According to Newsmax, an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers will retire each day for the next 19 years. This news source also says that’s how many people will turn 65 each day in 2017. Some plan to retire with that birthday. Are you one of them? If you plan to step down at that time, decisions come with it. Where to live and enjoy those dreams? As you look for the perfect place to retire, consider Kerrville, Texas. In the heart of the Texas Hill Country,  Kerrville offers many good reasons to live in this beautiful area. Here are six great reasons:

1. Small Town Atmosphere

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According to the Chamber of Commerce, Kerrville has about 51,000 friendly citizens in the county seat town. It’s a Mayberry kind of place, a step back into time with all the modern conveniences.

2. Location

kerrvillePhoto: Google Maps

Kerrville, in Kerr County, sits in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. There’s no need to shop or eat elsewhere, but if you hanker for traffic, you aren’t far from it. Austin is about two hours away, San Antonio is one hour, and you can drive north to Dallas in four and a half hours. If you want to head east to Houston, you’ll arrive in about four hours.

3. Medical Care

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Kerrville has the Peterson Regional Medical Center and the Kerrville VA Medical Center, along with numerous physicians and specialists.

4.  Churches

fbc-kerrvillePhoto: First Baptist Church of Kerrville by Gay N. Lewis

You can choose from over sixty churches in Kerrville. They range in size from small to large, from traditional to contemporary.

5. Climate

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Kerrville can have humid days, but the temperature is mild and pleasant most of the year. In colder months, the needle hovers around 36 F for the morning low with a midday average of 60 F. Summer days can reach a 94 F at midday. No worries. If the heat rises, the air conditioning is handy.  Kerrville receives about 32 inches of rainfall each year, and the rain nourishes the Guadalupe River.

6. Scenic Beauty 

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