Robyn Ludwick: A Texas Songstress Whose Repertoire Won’t Disappoint

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In the world of great Texas country music, it’s not often easy to break your way into being more than casually mentioned. But, Robyn Ludwick appears to have done just that. The Lone Star State is always known for doing everything bigger and better, if at all possible, and Ludwick stepped up to the plate earlier this year to do just that, and hit one out of the park.

In the field of country balladeers, Ludwick holds her own on her 2017 album release entitled “This Tall To Ride.” Featuring songs that tug at the heartstrings, highlight the perpetual underdog, and make you wish you could hold out a helping hand to their protagonists, this compilation is one that needs to be on your regular playlists.

Released in May of this year, “This Tall To Ride” is available on CD Baby and iTunes, and features the song “Texas Jesus” as track 10. Shown here on Robyn’s official YouTube channel, the song is quite unique, and makes no bones about the type of lifestyle it reflects. Getting a lot of views and uptake, this along with many other tracks on the album’s listing focus on hard living and dreams gone awry, which is truly the mark of a seasoned industry songstress who knows what her fans can relate to and want to hear. Give it a listen, and then plan to purchase the album – her repertoire won’t disappoint.