Roger Creager Gives a Nod to His Favorite River [VIDEO]

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As the sun sets on another Texas Hill Country summer, it’s fun to reflect back and think about all the good times spent with friends and family over those wild, hot, and humid summer days. There’s no better place to cool off in the summertime than a Hill Country River, so let’s join Roger Creager as he raises a can to his favorite swimming hole, the Comal River, in his song “The River Song.”

Roger Creager lives and breathes Texas. Growing up just outside of Corpus Christi, Roger maintains a lifelong love of saltwater. He’s an adventurer who rarely sits still and his down-home feel good tunes celebrate the life he loves.

If you, too, are a fan of the Texas coast and homegrown music, take a listen to Creager’s 2015 extended play release “Gulf Coast Time,” and if you’d like to see him live, check him out at Floore’s Country Store along with Cody Johnson on October 28. Raise a can, y’all!