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Spending a Romantic Day in Sizzling San Antonio

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Should you find yourself in the Alamo City leading up to Valentine’s Day (or any other day for that matter since romance isn’t meant for just a day on the calendar) below are some top recommendations for a romantic day. There are so many great things to see and do in this historic city that we’re sure you’ll want to return with a list a lot longer to tour with, but for starters, you and your loved one can enjoy the following:

Tower of the Americas

A Romantic Day Spent in Sizzling San Antonio

Photo: Flickr/Nan Palmero

At a toe-tingling 750 feet tall, the Tower of the Americas has a stunning view of downtown San Antonio and is a perfect spot to start your day. As the second tallest observation tower in America, it was constructed as the theme structure for the 1968 World’s Fair, HemisFair ’68. You’ll have the option of taking the 75-second elevator ride to the top or climbing the 952 stairs. The first stop is the Flags Over Texas Observation Deck from which you can view the Alamo as well as many other prominent city structures. If you’re hungry, there’s a revolving restaurant in the tower called the Chart House Restaurant, which has an award-winning menu. And if you want to take your lover to great heights, your ticket is good for the entire day, allowing you to return in the evening to view San Antonio as it sparkles at night.

The Alamo

A Romantic Day Spent in Sizzling San Antonio

Photo: Public Domain Pictures

There’s no doubt, the enduring symbol of Texas is this old Spanish mission known as The Alamo. Many know the story of Crockett, Bowie, Travis, and the many other Texans that held out for thirteen days before succumbing to General Santa Anna and the Centralist army. It draws millions of visitors each year. The landmark in downtown San Antonio and the structure and story takes on a mythical quality as time passes. When you and your loved one enter the Alamo, the sense of sacredness is palpable. The museum and artifacts serve as a reminder and the story is told at various sections and on a number of plaques. Filled with artifacts from the battle, the site also offers up a quaint gift shop where the two of you can purchase all sorts of memorabilia, including matching Davy Crockett coonskin hats!

The Riverwalk

A Romantic Day Spent in Sizzling San Antonio
Photo: Wikimedia

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