Roofing Company Accidentally Takes Off Roof of Wrong House

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Imagine coming home and roofers had already removed a chunk of your roof, yet, you never called them. NBC 12 reports that Hardesty Roofing began working on a $600,000 house without checking to make sure the materials were delivered to the correct address. They started taking off the expensive slate roof until the homeowner arrived, appalled at what he saw.

Of course, mistakes happen, even when it comes to roofing, and this isn’t the first time an incident like this has occurred. A few years ago, the Indy Star reported that a roofing company started removing shingles on their local First Baptist Church when they should have been working on the Clayton Presbyterian Church a block over.

The First Baptist Church was very understanding, but the situation isn’t quite the same with the current trouble in Virginia. The roofers say they don’t want to completely replace the slate like the homeowner wants. They’ve offered to replace it with shingles since neither the roofer’s nor the home owner’s insurance company wants to pay $40,000 for a new slate roof.

“Now that we made this mistake, he’s going to put on a whole new slate roof, because we tore off a little section by mistake…[he’s]looking for unjustified enrichment,” the roofer told NBC. The homeowner says, “They made a horrible mistake. Mistakes are costly. It’s not really marketable the way it is…I could easily outlive a shingle roof. I don’t want to do this again. I just want back what I had.”