Lifestyle Releases Top 100 Dog Names for 2018: Is Yours on the List?

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The list of the top 100 dog names in the U.S. for 2018 has recently been released by, and although you may find some familiar names, there’s also a couple of dark horses! The list covers both male and female dogs, compiled by the company which acts as a network of pet sitters and dog walkers. They surveyed their database of more than 1 million dogs to determine the most current popular monikers.

This year, the top 10 male names include “Max,” (a repeat from the 2017 listing) “Charlie,” and “Cooper” in the top three, while female names such as “Bella,” “Lucy,” and “Luna” ranked similarly. Provided in their detailed listing, identifies pop culture categories from which dog owners are drawing inspiration for the names which are starting to make solid appearances on their lists. The British royal family, superheroes and villains, television show characters, and music hit-makers from all genres have found their influences in this year’s list of popular dog names. Releases Top 100 Dog Names for 2018: Is Yours on the List?

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Video games, dance moves, and food trends have also found a niche in the dog names category. Not surprisingly, brunch and boozy names also found their way into our pet name nomenclature. “Biscuit,” “Muffin,” and even “Guinness” have been found to be common. In addition to the listing they provide annually for the country, for 2017, honed in on Dallas and Houston to see how Texas fared in naming their pooches. As it turns out, dog names in this neck of the woods were inspired by a love of state and country, as well as what was deemed to be “hipster” trends like “Brooklyn” and “Sushi.” The popular Texas dog names of 2018 haven’t been specified as of yet, but if trends hold true, perhaps there’s a little fluffy “Avocado” roaming around out there!