Take a Walk on the Wild Side in Sabinal, Texas

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The Texas Hill Country is known worldwide for its picturesque countryside of gentle sloping hills, serene lakes, gently flowing rivers, and majestic canyons. But like the weather, its landscape can change quicker than a New York minute. The Hill Country also has its wild side. Sabinal, known as the “Southern Gateway to the Texas Hill Country”, is also known as the “Wild Boar Capital of the World” and the “Bow Hunting Capital of Texas.”

So, if you want to walk on the wild side with your bow and arrow, come to Sabinal. But, please, take down a few, or a lot, of wild hogs! Texas has been overrun by wild boars and has been fighting a losing battle. Feral hogs can multiply almost as fast as rabbits. They are animals that nobody wants on their land because they can be dreadfully destructive to crops and livestock as well as to deer and other wildlife. They are free-ranging animals classified as livestock, but that industry lays no claim to them either. They are a non-native, exotic species that when introduced here, they adapted, and decided to make Texas home.

SabinalPhoto: Chambers Bowhunts

The good news is Texans love to hunt, and they love a challenge. So, Sabinal residents adapted and turned the feral hog problem into a win for their community. Several ranches in the area double as hunting lodges and offer safari-style packages and lodging for hunting parties. Because feral hogs are so abundant, they are fair game all year round and thus can provide steady revenues for ranchers and outfitters. The preferred challenge in hog hunting involves a bow and arrow, and it has become the favorite method of hunting wild boars. Thus, Sabinal has rightly, and proudly, earned the title of “Bow Hunting Capital of Texas”. Check out Chambers Bowhunts and Brushy Hill Ranch in Sabinal for an action-packed bow-hunting experience.

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