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Sam’s Original Restaurant: One of the Tastiest Lunch Buffets in All of Texas

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Sam’s Original Restaurant & BBQ in Fairfield boasts one of the best lunch buffets in Texas. My husband and I look forward to lunch at Sam’s as an integral part of any trip to Galveston or Texas Gulf Coast.

We drive from Dallas down I-45 South to Galveston a half dozen times a year, to our timeshare on West Beach. The drive takes around five hours, but we factor in another two hours to enjoy a leisurely lunch at our favorite roadside café. Sam’s always soothes our spirits, especially when we’ve been stuck in construction zone traffic. Texas roads, especially major freeways like I-35 and I-45, seem to always be under construction.

Sam says: If you leave hungry it’s your own fault

Sam's Original Restaurant: One of the Tastiest Lunch Buffets in All of Texas

Photo: Jo Ann Holt

Sam’s taught us a valuable lesson. Instead of gritting our teeth at traffic jams and construction barricades that can add several hours to a trip, we realize stops along the way can be as rewarding as reaching our destination. We now plan our Gulf Coast trips around lunch at Sam’s. It’s a fine spot for a break, considering that Fairfield (with a population of 2,900) is located 88 miles from Dallas and about 150 miles to Houston.

But the best reason to stop at Sam’s is that you won’t need to eat again all day. Sam’s All You Can Eat Buffet even has a motto: “If you leave hungry it’s your fault.” Truer words were never spoken! Sam’s buffet offers an assortment of salads, soups, meat, veggies, and delicious desserts. The food is cooked in a way that reminds me of how my mom used to cook our family meals. That’s East Texas/southern style, with the tasty vegetables seasoned to absolute perfection. All that food for only $13.99 is a steal!

Forget Dieting at Sam’s Original Restaurant

Sam's Original Restaurant: One of the Tastiest Lunch Buffets in All of Texas

Photo: Jo Ann Holt

It’s a bit hard to stick to a diet when you’re dining at Sam’s. In fact, I decided to take a break for a day from my own dieting when we made our latest stop at Sam’s. Who could possibly resist those homemade loaves of wheat bread? Or the tender, mouth-watering brisket? My personal favorites are chicken spaghetti and BBQ. My husband, however, always chooses the chicken-fried steak and gravy, one of the best in Texas. For dessert, I go for the bread pudding, while my husband can’t resist the coconut cream pie.

If you’re craving a delicious meal that’s sure to satify your taste buds, don’t miss your chance to try Sam’s Original Restaurant in Fairfield. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, or visit their website at this link.