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San Antonio Foodies Take to Twitter to Highlight Lesser Known Restaurants

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For those who don’t use Twitter often, leaning that the social media network can be used for more than one-liner comedy bits and fast-spreading news might be of interest. Last week, San Antonio resident Ariana Marie created a thread of tweets that speaks to many Texan’s core interest – delicious local food. Hoping to highlight restaurants that don’t always top the list of “must visit” or tourist destinations, Marie posted the address of numerous restaurants along with mouthwatering photos of their food. Locals and visitors should get a pen ready and jot down her noteworthy recommendations!

MySA.com spoke to Marie who said, “I’ve always been a foodie. I LOVE to eat and try different things. I typically [Snapchat] the places I eat at and people kept telling me to start a food blog.” She hopes that the list encourages Texans to venture beyond the places that might be considered the most popular, as San Antoino has a lot to offer anyone who doesn’t fear flavor.

The Twitter thread has grown as other local foodies have included their own recommendations, too. Check out the list here and see how long it takes before your belly starts rumbling for some good ole Texas cuisine.