3 San Antonio Halloween Haunted Houses to Get Your Scare On

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If there’s one thing San Antonio knows how to do right, it’s kick off the Halloween season in style! Whether you prefer to get a little down-time with friends at a spooky, spectacular setting, or scare your inner child half to death, this Hill Country city has what you’re looking for in haunted houses. Here are three San Antonio Halloween haunts for all your screamy delights!

1. The 13th Floor Haunted House


Photo: Facebook/13th Floor Haunted House San Antonio

If you’re truly looking to be scared out of your mind, the 13th Floor Haunted House is the place to find yourself (or find your pulse at least). It’s not recommended for those under the age of 12. Created by a team of nationally recognized haunted house designers, this is as intense as it gets, with graphic horror at several turns. Translation: you’re sure to get your money’s worth, if you haven’t left your wallet behind while running for your life!

2. Psycho Asylum Haunted House

3 Top San Antonio Halloween Haunts to Get Your Scare On

Photo: Facebook/Psycho Asylum Haunted HOUSE

Situated close to downtown San Antonio, Psycho Asylum Haunted House has been recognized as being larger than any other south Texas haunted house. The story of this location is that it was home to the criminally insane, together with ill and infectious patients in the late ’70s. Long-story-short, there are some strange spirits said to be lurking there to this day, still trying to escape.

3. San Antonio Panic Room

3 Top San Antonio Halloween Haunts to Get Your Scare On

Photo: Facebook/San Antonio Panic Room

The escape room craze has not bypassed the Texas Hill Country. The San Antonio Panic Room is said to provide some of the best in escape room entertainment around. With 60 minutes to make your escape, you and a group of friends will be required to solve a series of puzzles. With only clues, pure cognitive skill, and your wits to guide you, you’ll need to escape before the clock runs out. It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind, thought-provoking, and team-oriented experience for all ages.