This San Antonio Hotel is One of the Most Haunted Hotels in the World

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Doors opening and closing on their own, phones ringing with no one on the other line, and a woman in white walking the halls—these are just a few of the experiences had by guests of the Emily Morgan Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. The Neo-Gothic building stands across the street from the famous battleground of the Alamo, complete with a cathedral structure and gargoyles in the framework. In 2018, Architectural Digest ranked Emily Morgan Hotel as number 15 out of the top 20 most haunted hotels in America. This hotel is a must for those wanting a thrill along with a historical getaway.

This San Antonio Hotel is One of the Most Haunted Hotels in the World

Photo: @SamSturznickel via Twenty20

The story of Emily Morgan dates back to the Battle of San Jacinto. The woman’s name was Emily E. West, but she was a servant to James Morgan and served at Morgan’s Point during the Texas Revolutionary War. The morning of the famous battle, West was brought into General Santa Anna’s camp, and the legend says she distracted him while Sam Houston’s men attacked, giving the Texas soldiers the advantage. She became legendary in Texas history and is celebrated still today through songs such as “The Yellow Rose of Texas” and through this historic hotel.

This San Antonio Hotel is One of the Most Haunted Hotels in the World

Photo: @jodie.anderson via Twenty20

The hotel was originally built as the first Medical Arts Building in San Antonio in 1924. However, if the ghosts from the fallen soldiers of the Alamo weren’t enough for this haunted address, the medical building also had a morgue, psychiatric wing, and a crematorium on site. It was constructed with 13 stories, but when it was converted into a hotel in 1984, the 13th floor was called the 14th floor for superstitious reasons. The floors with the most paranormal activity are said by staff members to be the 7th, 12th and 14th, as well as the elevator.

In 2012, the hotel was bought by DoubleTree and went through a multi-million-dollar renovation. The guests now get to enjoy modern luxury while surrounded by rich history and perhaps the excitement of the paranormal. If you’re on the hunt for haunted hotels, be sure to add this one to your list.