San Antonio Man Invited to Try Out for Paralympic Team

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Paul Hernandez of San Antonio, Texas is trying out for the United States Paralympic team for sled hockey! In order to try-out for the prestigious team, players must be invited due to their merit. Excitingly, Hernandez and a few other members of the San Antonio Rampage were asked.

Hernandez lost his leg two years ago. He was on Highway 281 when he had car trouble. He got out to look at his car and was hit by another vehicle.

Despite the accident, Hernandez kept moving forward but felt drained and depressed. One of the first citizen responders to Hernandez’s accident, Marc Esposito, kept in touch with him while he was going through rehabilitation. Esposito suggested taking up sled hockey where the player is seated on top of two thin blades.

At first, Hernandez didn’t think the true Texan in him would be into hockey, but he soon realized how great of an outlet the sport was for him. It’s incredible how quickly he took to the sport.

Hernandez told News 4 in San Antonio that, “If I don’t make it, I feel like I’m disappointing people. That’s the only thing I’m afraid of…” On the other hand, he’s much more focused on, “Making the team and getting gold!”