San Antonio Man Shocked By the State of the Tamales He Ordered

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“Never ever order tamales from new or unconfirmed sources,” Reddit user Figsnbacon posted alongside a photo of a few particularly bloated, yet somehow simultaneously empty tamales from the batch he bought for the holidays. As KSAT explains, these three hefty examples seemed to be void of the poblano and cheese that should have been inside of the husks, instead, it hilariously appears they were made of 100 percent masa with some green flakes tossed in for color.

“To be fair, most of the tamales did have filling, albeit the masa to filling ratio was way off,” the poster told “They were more masa than anything. This particular tamale took the cake, so I took a pic for a good laugh.”

But over on Reddit, commenters say that these bad examples won’t stop them from purchasing the delicious food any chance they get. “I will never say ‘no’ to random grocery store parking lot tamales. I have only had your experience once,” TheSporkening wrote. “I moved to Texas this summer. About a week ago someone in a strange car drove up to me in a parking lot and said, ‘hey, wanna buy some tamales.’ It was unexpected, but I bought a dozen,” slowrecovery reminisced.