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San Luis Pass Area Now Closed for Recreational Use Due to Dangerous Conditions

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Too many awful accidents have taken place in the waters of the San Luis Pass area. ABC 13 reports that due to all of the recent drownings, the Brazoria County Commissioner’s Court has determined that visitors should be banned from swimming, fishing, and boating along San Luis Pass starting on August 18th.

In the past month, four people have drowned in the area, two of which took place at the same time when a father and son were caught in a rip tide. In July, two other incidents took place. One man died while kayaking with his family after their boat turned over, and two more young men passed in what was assumed to be another incident of getting caught in a rip current.

Click2Houston.com says that the vote to halt all recreational activity in San Luis Pass due to all of these tragic accidents was unanimous. They add, “Officials said people are still allowed to fish from the banks, but are not allowed to enter the water. “

Swimming on the Galveston County side of San Luis Pass was already prohibited, but now officials are hoping that more lives will be saved.