Sea Turtles Rescued After the Freeze Along the Coast

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KHOU reports that green sea turtles along the Texas coast were negatively affected by the sudden cold weather last week. Rescuers helped hundreds of turtles after that were suffering from a condition known as “cold-stunned.”

The sea turtles shocked by the chill can appear as if they have died, but really are still alive. NOAA Research Fishery Biologist Lyndsey Howell told the news, “Often, they’re reported to us as deceased animals because they are not moving. They are so lethargic. Their flippers aren’t moving. They just float there at the surface or they just rest at the shoreline.”

Hundreds of turtles along the coast were impacted and needed special care. KXAN said that roughly a third of the creatures were found near Corpus Christi where they were taken to the Sea Turtle Science and Recovery Center and warmed with towels. Dr. Donna Shaver warns of what could happen if the turtles aren’t retrieved. “If they’re not found quickly and brought into rehab they will die due to predation from coyotes or birds or exposure to the elements,” she explained.

Currently, the Galveston Laboratory has several in its care as well. Those who are interested in seeing the turtles can visit the lab on Thursday for tours when the public is welcome to learn more about their recovery.